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Some recent presentations:

Booth, K.L., 2012. Recreation and tourism. Invited speaker at the Federated Farmers of New Zealand South Island High Country field tour, held in Marlborough in February 2012.

Booth, K.L., 2011. Assessing river and lake recreation: A scoping study. Presentation to the New Zealand Recreation Association conference, held in Dunedin in November 2011.

Booth, K.L. 2011. Recreational amenity. Presentation to the symposium on sustainability performance criteria for river mouths. Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, University of Canterbury and Lincoln University, held in Christchurch in November 2011.

Hughey, K.F.D., Sinner, J. and Booth, K.L., 2011. RiVAS and RiVAS+: Opportunities for application of a multi criteria river value assessment system approach which considers existing and potential states. Presentation to the New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society conference, held in Nelson in August 2011.

Booth, K.L., 2011. Recreation and tourism directions. Invited presentation to the Federated Mountain Clubs conference, held in Wellington in June 2011.

Booth, K.L., 2010. Biodiversity and tourism. Invited presentation to the ECO conference, held in Canterbury in July 2010.

Booth, K.L., 2010. Outdoor recreation research in New Zealand: Poised for take off? Keynote opening address to the ‘Research Symposium on Recreation Values and Natural Areas’. Centre for Recreation Research, University of Otago, held in Dunedin in March 2010.

Booth, K.L., 2008. An application of outcomes-focused management for Rakiura National Park, New Zealand. Presentation to the International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration/New Zealand Recreation Association conference, held in Christchurch in September 2008.

Booth, K.L. and de Jong, A. 2007. Applying the BOA to the Rakiura planning process. Invited presentation to the Department of Conservation South Island planners workshop, held in Christchurch 8 November 2007.

Booth, K.L., 2007. Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora) Recreation Report 2007. Invited presentation to ‘The Living Lake Symposium’, held at Lincoln University, Canterbury in November 2007.

Booth, K.L., 2007. A report card for nature-based tourism planning in New Zealand. Invited presentation to ‘Nature-based Tourism: Stepping up to the Mark’ symposium, held in Akaroa 13/14 September 2007.

Booth, K.L. 2007. What’s up with recreational land access in New Zealand? Invited presentation to WEA Christchurch Branch, held in Christchurch in 28 August 2007.

Booth, K.L., 2007. New Zealand’s natural environment: A review of visitor research. ConserVIsion: International Conference on Conservation, held at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, 4-7 July 2007.



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